The Wellington Homeowners Association's mission is to foster community among our neighbors, and to preserve the architectural vision of our developers in both structural and landscape as described by our covenants. Welcome to Wellington Homeowners Association, Inc.  Each homeowner is involved in the Association in some manner.  Involvement for you may only be that you pay your assessments on time and comply with the governing legal documents of the Association, or you may wish to take a more active role and serve on the board and or committee(s). The Wellington Homeowners Association is the residential/single family homes that are part of a larger association called Wellington Maintenance Association (WMA).  The Wellington Maintenance Association was created as a result of a court decision during the sale of the property that encompasses Clays Mill Rd to the west to New Circle Rd to the North, the train tracks to the east and Shillito Park / Lexington Christian Academy property to the south.  This property is sometimes referred to as the “old Reynolds” property.  The Wellington Maintenance Association is responsible for the “general” appearance and upkeep of the area that does not include the residential homes.