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As mentioned in the "About Us" welcome section, our mission is to protect and enhance all homeowners investments made when you purchased a home in our association. When you are planning to add a fence or to change any exterior items to your home, your deed requires you to obtain “approval.”  This approval is to make sure that the “exterior” finishes are consistent with what is already on your home and neighborhood.

Approvals must be done for fencing, decks and room additions.

All of these will in some way connect to your existing home.


  1. All requests must be in writing and be submitted with the details as to what is going to be done. (make sure exterior finishes are detailed)
  2. This submission is to be mailed to:

Wellington Homeowners Association
C/o All Points Community Management
141 Prosperous Place
Suite 21B
Lexington KY 40509

      3. The board and or committee will then review your plans on an individual basis.

a. Deed restrictions and exterior finishes must conform.

  1. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible.

a. Currently the Board of Directors have been meeting monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. Thus, your submission should be timed for this meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Approval to proceed with your construction does not waive the permitting requirements for Fayette County. Please have your builder and or fence company contact the Permitting Office to obtain the necessary permits.

Interior changes do not require approval from the association.

Click the links below for paper applications:

Architectural Application 

Fence Application

Or click the buttons below to submit an application online

Fence Application

Your Name*

Your Property Address*

Mailing Address (if different from above)

Your Phone Number*

Your Email*

Description of Proposed Fence

Note: Please review your restrictions first and include type, style, color and height. A picture or brochure is helpful. Also include an explanation of how the fence conforms to restrictions and set back lines. If the proposed fence does not conform, please give special reason(s) for variance, such as to enclose a patio door or meet the neighbor's fence on the side of the house where the rear wall of their house sits forward of the rear wall of your house.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government requires a building permit for improvements to the property, such as a fence. Please attach a copy of the permit from LFUCG Division of Building Inspection with this application.

The Association will not review applications without this permit. Please allow 30 business days for a response to this application from the Association.

(8MB max upload size for all documents, if documents are too large to submit, please send to info@allpointsky.com)

Attach Permit

Please attach a sketch of the fence in relation to house, showing where fence wraps to house corners and remains within building (set back) lines.

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