Governing Documents

Here you will find the Governing documents of the neighborhood association. Since Wellington Homeowners Association (WHOA) is part of Wellington Maintenance Association (WMA), there are two sets of CC&Rs that apply. Feel free to contact the management company if you have any questions about what is restricted.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the unit map and determine what unit area you fall into.
  2. Read through the main WHOA DCCR which is Book 2073 p 215
  3. If you live in a unit 5A, 5B, 5C or 5D, you need to pull the applicable DCCR (and amendments) and MERGE their information with the Book 2073 document. One does not replace the other. With respect to the amendments, the most recent document will supersede the previous, the remaining information will get merged with book 2073 covenant and the more restrictive rules will apply to that property.
  4.  Read through the WMA DCCR to determine what, if any, restrictions apply to you. This document mainly discusses vacant lots, and storm retention basins. Unless you border one of these, this document will most likely not bear additional restrictions for you.